Rotowaro mine


The Rotowaro coalfield and opencast mine is the second largest opencast coal mine in New Zealand.

The mine is located in the Rotowaro coal field, an area that has had a long history of both open cast and underground mining. It was first mined in 1915 after a branch railway and a bridge were established over the Waikato River. The current opencast mine opened in 1958.

The coal is low ash, low sulphur thermal coal. Both the lower seam and upper seam of the moderately complex Waikato coal measures are present.

The high-quality sub-bituminous coal is sought after in the following industries: 

  • steelmaking
  • lime manufacturing
  • meat works
  • timber processing plants
  • light industrial plants, and
  • horticulture.

The mine has opportunities for extension. Detailed planning is well advanced to commence operations on the Waipuna West extension, which will see a three-year extension (based on current production/sales volumes) to mining operations. The coal is destined for the same customer base as existing Rotowaro sales.

The Rotowaro North project is located 4 kilometres north-west of the current mine site, and is in the conceptual phase where we have confirmed its resource tonnes.


Rotowaro location on map

Mine information

  • Ownership
    65% BRL 35% Talleys Energy
  • Location
    10 km west of Huntly
  • License/Permit
    CML 37155, ACML 37155-01, EP 56220, EP 60146
  • Coal types
    Sub-bituminous, domestic thermal coal
  • Life of mine
    3+ years
  • Coal Reserves
    1.7 Mt
  • Coal Resources
    6.1 Mt
  • Last FY production
    490 Kt