Canterbury Coal mine

Canterbury Coal

The decision was made to close the mine at the end of June 2021. The site is now in closure mode, with rehabilitation in the final stages of completion.

The decision to close the mine was due to an inability to reach agreement with the local regulatory bodies over the timeframes and cost of regulatory approvals. The mine operated according to its planned schedule through to the end of the 2021 financial year, with a focus on mining the remaining coal in the pit before its closure. 

The closure plan was carefully worked through in the months preceding closure, with input sought from both local landowners as well as other key stakeholders including water management experts and regulators. Agreements were reached with landowners to ensure acceptable post closure landforms, and we have assisted our workforce in finding alternative employment which included a relocation to the Takitimu mine.

The rehabilitation plan was also finalised pre-closure, with a focus on sustainable water management and landforms returned as close as possible to pre-mine disturbance. 

Refer to our 2022 annual report for a case study on the exceptional rehabilitation work completed, reflected in being selected as finalists in the Minerals Awards 2022 finalists category.

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Canterbury Coal location on map

Mine information

  • Ownership
    100% BRL
  • Location
    Coalgate, 70 km west of Christchurch
  • License/Permit
    MP 41372 and Private Coal
  • Coal types
    Sub-bituminous coal
  • Life of mine
  • Coal Reserves
    0.0 Mt
  • Coal Resources
    3.1 Mt
  • Last FY production
    3 Kt