Canterbury Coal mine

Canterbury Coal

Operating 70 kilometres west of Christchurch, our Canterbury Coal mine produces low sulphur coal primarily fueling the local dairy industry.

Production at the mine has grown since its inception, as coal demand in the Canterbury area has increased with growth in the dairy and food processing industries. The proximity of the mine to these markets offers a real freight advantage and helps us meet the growing demand. 

Marketable reserves have stayed consistent with further drilling mostly offsetting coal mined. The Albury permit is now showing on our resources table 1 and allows potential future expansion of coal mining in the Canterbury area. 

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Canterbury Coal location on map

Mine information

  • Ownership
    100% BRL
  • Location
    Coalgate, 70 km west of Christchurch
  • License/Permit
    MP 41372 and Private Coal
  • Coal types
    Sub-bituminous coal
  • Life of mine
    5+ years
  • Coal Reserves
    1.1 Mt
  • Coal Resources
    3.2 Mt
  • Last FY production
    103 Kt