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Our Story

At Bathurst, we understand and accept the challenge of responsible mineral extraction and supply. We’re here to ensure our customers receive exactly what they want, when they need it. But we’re just as committed to protecting the unique environment we all share.

As New Zealand’s largest specialist coal company, we produce over 2 million tonnes of coal each year and proudly employ over 550 people. Welcome to Bathurst Resources. This is our story.

Built from the ground up…

An ASX-listed company, we began our New Zealand operations in 2011 and now have mining facilities in Southland, Waikato and the West Coast.

In 2017, we expanded by forming a joint venture with Talley’s Energy and acquired three mines from the former state owned coal company, Solid Energy:

About 80 percent of our production is used for steel making of which one third is used by a local Kiwi steel mill. Our high-quality, thermal-grade coals fuels are used to help drive the engines of many iconic South Island food and dairy businesses.

Our Denniston and Stockton resources are well-known for their excellent quality. With low ash and high fluidity, these coals are highly sought after by international steelmakers and will form the basis of our upcoming export operations. 

We’re more than just a mining business. The world is constantly changing and so are we. Which is why we maintain a strong commitment to manage the social and environmental impacts of mining. As you’ll see, we take great care to look after our people, the communities we work in and the environment we all share.

A down-to-earth approach to sustainability

Sustainability is easy to say, but harder to do. That’s why we’re committed to responsible resource development that can provide a better quality of life for everyone.  

We're committed to sustainable development where economic growth is coupled with respect for conservation and community values.

We understand that our social licence to operate encompasses a structure of corporate responsibilities and stakeholder engagement with regard to economic, environmental, and community impacts. We continue to invest heavily in rehabilitation techniques at our mine sites.

What exactly is rehabilitation? In short, it means we disturb as little of the earth as possible for the shortest period of time.

This philosophy is maintained from exploration to development, during our mining operations, and well after mining has finished.

Coupled with a raft of environmental initiatives including native flora and fauna and biodiversity enhancement programmes you’ll see how we can create environmental benefits from our operations.

Dig a little deeper – we’re more than just talk

Resource extraction can be a complicated and controversial business. We know that our work will have an impact on the environment. But it’s how we respond that matters. We understand it’s part of our job to operate in the most safe, respectful and sustainable way possible. But it’s more than just good business. It lies at the very core of who we are.