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Industry Associations

We’re actively involved in the resources, minerals and mining industries in New Zealand at every level.

The industry is always changing and the future demands constant innovation to ensure we help meet New Zealand’s energy demands in a meaningful and sustainable way.

These are the industry associations and bodies we proudly work with:

Coal Association on New Zealand

CANZ represents coal producers and users to advocate for various issues faced by the industry.

CANZ strategic objectives include:

  • advocacy for coal as a resource
  • health and safety performance
  • industry competitiveness and resilience, and
  • coal research and development. 

As CANZ works to advocate on public policy and operational practice for a world class New Zealand coal industry, we support this provision of business focussed information to our wide variety of stakeholders that use coal or products made using coal as part of their daily lives.

Richard Tacon is the current Chair of CANZ.


Straterra acts as the collective voice for New Zealand’s minerals sector. This often includes turning sector-wide views into policy-friendly language. From small firms to large enterprises, Straterra includes mineral producers, explorers, researchers, engineering firms and geotechnical businesses.

As an organisation, Straterra’s goal is to encourage investment and growth in minerals exploration and mining in New Zealand. Straterra understands that the mining industry today is about skilled people using the best technology to produce essential materials, safely and responsibly.

Though Straterra, Bathurst participates to policy discussions affecting the New Zealand minerals industry by getting our people involved. We recognise the importance of industry participating in a considered consultation process when any key stakeholder flags changes to policy and legislation.

Minerals West Coast

Minerals West Coast is a charitable trust set up in 2005 to provide a collective voice for the industry on the West Coast of New Zealand.

The trust advocates and lobbies for the minerals and mining industries through submissions, public consultation and collaboration.

As an operator of mines on the West Coast, Bathurst acknowledges that the West Coast has unique opportunities and challenges to resource extraction. For Bathurst, we recognise that being a part of a collective West Coast voice, assists all members to proactively respond to policy and legislative changes.

Richard Tacon welcome the honour of becoming the Chair of the Minerals West Coast in June 2022.

New Zealand Mines Rescue Trust

Rebirthed under the revised Mines Rescue Act 2013, the Mines Rescue Trust is a registered charity that:

  • provides training, equipment and resources for handling emergencies
  • assists in mine preparedness, and
  • deploys mine rescue brigades and other resources during emergencies.

Through the vehicle of the Mines Rescue Service (MRS), industry is assisted to prepare themselves for the unwanted emergency event. Bathurst supports the important work completed by the MRS.

We engage with MRS experts to assist us with our emergency preparedness through through targeted training programs, provision of expert advice and through formal reviews of our emergency capabilities.