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Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is simply good for business. At Bathurst we believe in accountability, transparency and integrity.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for corporate governance. It’s their job to guide and monitor our business affairs and activities on behalf of our shareholders – to whom they are accountable.

Our Corporate Governance Statement has been written with direct reference to the ASX’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations. You can read our corporate governance practices in more detail below.  

ASX Corporate Governance principles and recommendations

The Board and management are committed to ensuring that Bathurst Resources Limited maintains the best corporate governance structures and ethical practices. The Board regularly reviews these in line with the 4th Edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations and follows these where applicable after considering the company’s size and the resources it has available. As the company’s activities develop in size, nature and scope, the size of the board and the implementation of any additional formal corporate governance committees will be given further consideration.

The Board and management have established a range of policies, practices and arrangements that reflect the recommendations.

Those policies, practices and arrangements are reviewed regularly. Some of those arrangements are set out below:

Code of Conduct Remuneration and Nomination Committee Charter
Audit and Risk Committee Charter Diversity Policy
Share Trading Policy Continuous Disclosure Policy
Board Charter Shareholder Communication Policy
Policy on Independence of Directors Corporate Governance Statement
Whistleblower Policy Health, Safety, Environment and Community Committee Charter


Emissions Trading Scheme Policy 

Anti-corruption and bribery policy

Long-term incentive plan










Notice of rights of members in connection with certain documents

Bathurst Resources Ltd (Company) gives notice pursuant to section 110K of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act) of the rights of members (Shareholder) to:

  • elect to receive or not receive certain documents;
  • and make requests to be sent certain documents in physical or electronic form.


The Company is required to send the following documents to Shareholders, and Shareholders are entitled to receive:

  • documents that relate to a meeting of Shareholders, such as a notice of meeting or proxy or voting forms;
  • the Annual Report (comprising the financial report, directors’ report and auditor’s report for the relevant financial year); and
  • a notice of members’ rights under section 110K of the Corporations Act (such as this notice), unless the notice is readily available on a website, together with any other documents prescribed by relevant regulations, (collectively, the Documents).

Your right to make an election

Each Shareholder is entitled to:

(a) elect to be sent Documents in either physical form or electronic form; and

(b) elect not to be sent the Annual Report (and any other documents prescribed by the relevant regulations),

by notifying the Company of the election.

A Shareholder may make an election in relation to all Documents or a specified class(es) of Documents.

The Company encourages all Shareholders to receive communications electronically both to ensure that you stay informed and reflecting our commitment to minimising paper usage.

In addition to any election, a Shareholder is also entitled to request the Company to send a particular Document to the Shareholder in physical form or in electronic form.

Notifying the Company of your election or request

You can make your election and/or request by contacting our share registry directly at


phone: 1300 850 505 (within Australia) +61 (0)3 9415 4000 (Overseas)





Audit and Risk Committee

  • Francois Tumahai
  • Russell Middleton

Remuneration and Nomination Committee

  • Francois Tumahai
  • Peter Westerhuis

HSEC Committee

  • Peter Westerhuis
  • Richard Tacon



  • Level 18
  • 125 The Terrace
  • Wellington 6140
  • New Zealand

Lane Neave

  • Level 9
  • 342 Lambton Quay
  • Wellington 6011
  • Christchurch Office
  • 141 Cambridge Terrace
  • Christchurch 8013

Share Registry

Computershare Investor Services Pty Ltd

  • GPO Box 2975
  • Melbourne Vic 3001



  • Chartered Accountants
  • 10 Customhouse Quay
  • PO Box 996
  • Wellington 6140
  • New Zealand

Corporate Directory


  • Francois Tumahai
  • Russell Middleton
  • Peter Westerhuis
  • Richard Tacon

Company Secretary

  • Larissa Brown

Registered Office

  • Level 12, 1 Willeston Street
  • Wellington 6011
  • New Zealand
  • PO Box 5963 Lambton Quay
  • Wellington 6145
  • New Zealand

Westport Office

  • 272 Palmerston Street
  • Westport 7825
  • New Zealand
  • PO Box 290
  • Westport 7866
  • New Zealand

Bathurst Timaru

  • 72 Sheffield Street
  • Washdyke, Timaru 7910
  • New Zealand

Bathurst Takitimu

  • 39 Company Road
  • Nightcaps 9630
  • New Zealand
  • PO Box 11
  • Nightcaps 9644
  • New Zealand

Canterbury Coal Mine

  • Bush Gully Road
  • Whitecliffs
  • Coalgate
  • PO Box 34
  • Darfield 7541
  • New Zealand
  • T: +64 3 424 2890
  • Community Hotline: 0800 123 009

Escarpment Mine

  • Community Hotline: 0800 509 265

Maramarua Mine

  • 580 Coalfields Road
  • RD1, Maramarua 2471
  • Private Bag 502
  • Huntly 3740
  • New Zealand
  • T: +64 7 828 2500

Rotowaro Mine

  • 732 Rotowaro Road
  • Huntly West 3771
  • Private Bag 502
  • Huntly 3740
  • New Zealand
  • T: +64 7 828 2500

Stockton Mine

  • Stockton Mine Road
  • Stockton 7823
  • PO Box 250
  • Westport 7866

Ngakawau Rail Loadout

  • 25-26 Dole Street
  • Ngakawau 7822
  • PO Box 346
  • Westport 7866

Christchurch Office

  • 30 Sir William Pickering Drive
  • Burnside
  • Christchurch 8053
  • PO Box 79151
  • Avonhead
  • Christchurch 8446