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Supporting our Communities

We’re focused on being a friendly, responsible neighbour and sharing the benefits of our projects with the communities in which we operate.

Our operations provide benefits across every level of the community – via our employees, suppliers and contractors. And we also make significant contributions through royalties and taxes.

We proudly support a policy of hiring a local workers rather than hiring from outside a region. And we maintain collaborative relationships with the wider community.

For example, at the Takitimu mine in Southland, we’ve established a successful relationship with the local community development association. We have regular interaction with neighbours, local residents and regional businesses to anticipate any issues that arise.

Our community sponsorships and donations in FY22 included the following:

  • West Coast Search & Rescue.
  • Life Education Trust West Coast.
  • Buller Community Trust Fund.
  • North Waikato Cricket Club.
  • Te Hā o Kawatiri.
  • West Coast ROA Mining Rescue Helicopter Service.
  • Nightcaps Clay Target Club.

This year our sponsorship programme across Bathurst and our joint venture BT Mining included total sponsorship incurred and committed to of $415,000.

We were pleased to contribute to the development of a new computer lab to enhance student learning outcomes at the Maramarua School, a primary school local to our Maramarua mine. The lab will be used by students of the school as well as surrounding schools. There is universal agreement that computer skills will play a vital part of any child’s future, and we are proud to support Maramarua school’s vision for their students.

We are also delighted to have completed our eleventh year of supporting the Bathurst Buller High School Scholarship programme. The $8,000 scholarship supports a student to attend university in areas of science technology, engineering and maths.