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Views sought on Stockton AMD solution

Treasury is seeking feedback from parties interested in being involved in a long-term plan to manage acid mine drainage at Stockton.

Under the various mining licences and resource consents required to operate the Stockton mine, the mine owner is responsible for rehabilitation obligations relating to acid mine drainage - AMD - at the site.

As part of the mine's sale, the Crown agreed to assume liability for the cost of AMD rehabilitation relating to historical mining activity there. When the sale of Stockton is complete, new owner BT Mining will take over the obligations and benefits of this commercial arrangement.


Solid Energy currently manages AMD at the mine by treating acidic runoff with neutralising reagents to raise the pH and precipitate metals in the run-off. Based on that process, AMD rehabilitation is expected to be required for more than 100 years.

Treasury is undertaking an early stage market sounding exercise to help form a view on the best long-term options for managing the Crown’s AMD rehabilitation liability.

It is keen for feedback on the perceived challenges of the various options and potential limiting factors to the successful implementation of the project.

The deadline for feedback is September 8. More details may be found here.


Cameron Massey
Inside Resources